Children's Therapy Plus, Inc


We offer a wide range of services:
Physical Therapy Physical Therapy” is the evaluation of, administration of, or instruction in physical rehabilitative and habilitative techniques and procedures to evaluate, prevent, correct, treat, alleviate, and limit physical disability, pathokinesiological function, bodily malfunction, pain from injury, disease, and any other physical disability.
Occupational Therapy Using everyday activities, Occupational therapy intervention works to improve sensory function, fine motor skills and gross motor skills. These skills are necessary for functional tasks a child needs for school, home, and play. Occupational therapy will use fun and creative ways to provide children with a positive environment to build their self-esteem and daily living skills.
Speech – Language Therapy These services are designed to evaluate a child’s communication abilities and if necessary to provide treatment to improve functional communication skills. Those areas included in speech-language services would be: oral motor skills (for feeding and sound production), Articulation skills (for making sounds correctly for words), Vocabulary development, Language Skills (for grammar and sentence structure), and finally for Voice quality and fluency (Stuttering).
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